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What do I need before starting WTClass? - (Technical Requirements)

If you are planning on working on your online course from a computer not connected to the campus network (i.e. off-campus), you should check to see if your computer has the necessary components to access WTClass. Take a few minutes to read about the hardware and software requirements for WTClass.

Hardware and Software Requirements

  1. Computer

  2. WTClass is accessible through the World Wide Web. If you intend to work from off-campus, have a local Internet connection through an Internet Service Provider (ISP).

    It is recommended that you:

    • PC computer with Windows 2000,
      Windows XP or better
    • Mac OS X (10.x+)
    Do Not Use
    • iPad
    • Mobile Phone device (iPhone, iPod, Android, etc.)

    Please check your course syllabus for any additional hardware or software requirements required by your instructor.

  3. Browsers

  4. While ANGEL products generally function well in many browsers, the following are formally supported and tested:

    With PCs running Windows OS: With Macs running OS X:

    Visit the main login page for WTClass at http://wtclass.wtamu.edu to check your browser under the "System Check" heading.

    Additional help with browsers:

    Mozilla Firefox

    Internet Explorer
    Chome Logo
    Google Chrome
    Safari Logo
    Apple Safari

  5. Issues with displaying content

  6. Additional requirements

    • Check the course syllabus for information on any type of software you might need to complete the course. Information regarding hardware and software might also be included within the course lessons or units.

    • Word Processor Program: The majority of your class work will be completed in a word processing program (i.e. Microsoft Word, Microsoft Works, Word Perfect, etc.). If you don't have a word processing program, you can download a free Office Suite at http://www.openoffice.org/ . Course assignment information may include further details on what type of format your course uses for submitting assignments.

    • Microsoft Viewers: Occasionally, you may have course content that has been made from a Microsoft product. Microsoft Office is generally used to open a Word, Power Point, or Excel document unless the instructor has saved the document in a format where different types of software can open it, such as rich text format. If you do not have Microsoft Office, you may wish to install the following viewers to "read" a Microsoft document:

      Microsoft Office also has a Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2007 formats. You can download and install the Compatibility Pack, which allows you to exchange files between previous releases of Microsoft Office and the 2007/2010 Microsoft Office release.

    • Browser Plug-Ins: Many courses, especially course syllabi, are saved in PDF format. Some of the WTClass tools require java to work correctly. You should have the following plug-ins installed on your browser. (Use the links provided to download and install the appropriate software.)

    • Depending on the course, you may also need to download any of the following plug ins for video or multimedia viewing:

    • iTunes U
    • If your course uses iTunes U, you will need to install iTunes 10.5 (or the latest version) for Mac or Windows: iTunes

  1. Pop-up blockers and Cookies

    • Pop-up blockers and cookie settings can affect how WTClass displays and works on your browser, especially when taking quizzes and exams. To test your browser from the WTClass login page (http://wtclass.wtamu.edu ), look for the text "System Check" to check your cookie settings, pop-up settings, or to see if you are using an acceptable browser for WTClass (ANGEL).

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